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    "The Digital Marketing Nuts & Bolts workshop gave me clear steps to take to refine my digital marketing campaign. I have been pulled in many different directions, unclear as to what specific things I should do or in what order I should do them. Chris laid the steps out clearly and succinctly, and I anticipate that what I learned here will actualize in the form of measurable increases in revenue."

    Deborah K.

    Etsy Seller

    What you get:

    Understand the basics of digital marketing and decide on the right platforms to move the needle and grow your small business.


    ✅ Overview of digital marketing and the channels it encompasses

    ✅ Website: your home online

    ✅ Email: the power of the warm list

    ✅ Social media: which platforms are right for your business?

    ✅ Content ideas

    ✅ How it all connects and comes together

    What is it all about?

    In this "new normal," your business presence online is more important than ever. How do customers find you? How will you make it easier to get them to make that sale with you? Where do you start? What should you focus on first?

    Get the 20,000-ft view. Get clarity, feel empowered, and simplify your digital marketing.